The Unintended “Solar Eclipse”

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The Unintended “Solar Eclipse”


It was July 4th.   A day of respite.   A day for visiting.  For me:  Summer had “officially” begun because I was on my way over to my friend Phil’s for Independence Day celebration.  For the last decade or so, I have been honored to be invited to his annual barbeque and pool party over near Stoneridge, New York on a hill that overviews the lower Hudson Valley.

It’s a simple ride from my home:  Route 28 east and then a right on Ulster County 5.  The nine miles or so are slow going at around 25 mph and a sinuous delicious idyllic delight. A seemingly unending ridge of mountains on the right, seemingly infinite cornfields and farm pastures on the left.   Always a painterly expanse of lower Hudson Valley visible to the south.

The feeling one derives from this rural drive through this Hudson Valley “Heaven” defies words.  My photographer’s eye pointed to the clouds of late, I simply had to stop the car. A what-do-you-call-this-type-of-magnificence-? upper atmosphere cirrus cloud form rose monolithically above the distant horizon and seemed to be scraping the Heavenly Gates.

+  +  +

I had to “reel-in” the lens to widest angle to frame the image’s entirety.  I was annoyed by the specular reflections that seemed to be ruining the shot.  I fiddled and I fussed with exposures.  Even the Leica lens shade could not mitigate the optical aberrations apparent. I finally attempted to shade the lens with my left hand.

Only one problem: The camera records more than I can preview in the viewfinder.  Just a few percentage points more image-real-estate, but enough to reveal upon capture that I had unwittingly included a portion of my hand.  I persisted though in my shading attempts.  As borne out later, I mostly succeeded.

But one errant capture has especially startled me:  it includes the silhouetted disk of one of my fingertips that perfectly renders the effect of a Solar Eclipse!

This is a perfect example of what I term a  synchro-photo:  An image whose compelling energies and imaginal allure have been derived from Synchronicity, with the Unconscious orchestrating the intersection of Consciousness, Photographer, Place and Time.

. . . . . . . . .

Image captured:   07.04.2010   |   Kingston, NY

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