If you’ve been following this series since its inception, you may remember an early post entitled A Quintessence of Clouds wherein I track the opening of a new day via a series of quickly shapeshifting cloud formations.

I noted the sudden appearance of what looked like a genie that had just escaped containment, I reprise that image offering and caption here:



The Daybreak Genie has been let out of last night’s bottle.



Well, that genie dissolved – or so I thought – as I went about my merry way.

Not so fast!  As any kid will tell you, genies are tricky and elusive and highly prone to reappearing when one least expects it.

A few days ago, as I made the final jog in my long driveway, enjoying the somewhat amorphous cloud covered sky, the sun broke through the dense cloud-cover and sent me a “signal” to stop the car, get out and look around.  The current clouds on parade did not engage my photographer’s eye, but I sensed something coming.  I fetched the Leica, relaxing as I leaned back against the side of the car and waited.

Then suddenly, I saw it!  The genie, yes the genie. Laughing at me from its Colossus-like towering position, high overhead.

I learned that the genie that has apparently taken up residence over my property is a “friendly genie” – (the best kind – and the only kind I wish to befriend).  And so, after a minor negotiation, genie agreed to take a break and enter my uncorked “camera bottle.”

+  +  +

Seconds later, the sky evidenced no signs of the genie for as far as the eye could see – gone in a flash, just like that first time.

Meet my property’s friendly genie, wishing to say hello to ya’all.



. . .  “I am a Friendly Genie!  . . .

. . .  “And yes, your wish is my command  . . .

. . .  “(Just keep it clean)”  . . .




. . . . . . . . .

Image captured:   07.18.2010   |   Woodstock, NY

©  2010  George J Nicholson  All Rights Reserved   |  Logo Concept   |   Images   |   Commentary

The photographic imagery appearing within this blog is protected by copyright law. Downloading images, distribution and reproduction of any nature with “commercial intent” without prior written permission of the copyright holder are strictly prohibited. Exceptions will be made in instances of inclusion within excerpts and reviews
of this blog and its author’s work.

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