“Geisha with Wind Tossed Hair”

A recent fantastic “Broadway musical” sunset staging of Rockette-like cloud forms in the Western Hudson Valley skies concluded with the dissolution of those phantasmagoric forms (soon to be displayed in an upcoming post) and the appearance of wispy dark veils, glowing cloud shards and a slow sinking mound of molten glowing forms.

In reviewing the take, I was reminded of a particular minimalist composition that I had spent considerable time framing with different camera orientations.  When one is playing behind the camera and composing cloudscapes, I feel it is one’s inalienable right to view the skies from whatever angle one’s child-like imagination chooses.  I do remember projecting the figure of an eye behind a veil of tossed hair, but did not make the poetic association to a Geisha until this evening’s review.  I am reminded of the “hospitality hosts” that I had seen elegantly attired and scurrying about wood and cobblestone pathways as evening fell in Kyoto, during my visit to that mysterious city in 1977.

My guess is that memory still resonates somewhere within me, and this delicate and fleeting composition of cloud forms brought it to the forefront of my awareness.



“Geisha with Wind Tossed Hair”





Following is an image of the sunset context within which the above frame was captured. It is readily apparent that my photographer’s eye was duly engaged, as the previous composition is not necessarily obvious.  Ten variations on the the scene were captured. “Something” kept me at it until my intuition was finally satisfied.  The ninth and tenth captures anchor that minimalist “portrait.”  I was very pleased to not be disappointed by the results, as there are never any guarantees.  Often photographic results do not live up to the emotional charge one felt at the moment of capture.  Not this time.



There is a “Geisha” hiding in that scene.




n    o    t    e  :

It had been a while since I had seen an image of a Geisha.  A quick google search landed two images that echo the association I had made to the “tossed hair,” though “my Geisha” has apparently faced some pretty strong air currents.

. . . . . . . . .

Images captured:   07.20.2010   |   Woodstock, NY

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