A “Santa Claus Eye” in the Summer Sky

Here’s a “two shot” that intrigued me.

It was captured last weekend as part of another photographic-poetry project’s take.

Once again, “probing the heavens” with a telephoto lens “bagged” what otherwise would have been missed by the naked eye.



A sweetly inspiring sunset,
thanks to a “town hall gathering” of cumulus clouds
with a perfectly orchestrated cirrus set, dashing overhead.




But let’s pull in a lot closer . . .

A nearly perfect circular “cumulus fractus” formation that actually appears
to have been extracted from the cloud layer above it.

(See the negative/void shape upper right of it?)

I see an “Eye in the Sky.”

Hey, that’s “Santa Claus” hiding behind those trees!
White bushy eyebrows and all.




Cloudspotting is fun!

Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of The Cloud Appreciation Society claims
that cloud watching is the perfect antidote for fighting “blue-sky thinking”
and that it may in time, as the ranks of “official” cloud-watchers grow,
threaten the livelihoods of psychoanalysts the world over.



F U L L  D I S C L O S U R E  :

I am a badge-carrying and certificate-bearing member of
The Cloud Appreciation Society.
My “election” to its membership occurred 2AM EST on July 21, 2010.

I was the 22,443-rd person to join worldwide.

(For a measly few pounds sterling, consider gifting yourself or a loved one
and join in the fun, while learning reams about our Goddess Mother Earth’s
life breath and ever shape-shifting heavenly countenance.)




. . . . . . . . .

Images captured:   07.31.2010   |   Woodstock, NY

©  2010  George J Nicholson  All Rights Reserved   |  Logo Concept   |   Images   |   Commentary

The photographic imagery appearing within this blog is protected by copyright law. Downloading images, distribution and reproduction of any nature with “commercial intent” without prior written permission of the copyright holder are strictly prohibited. Exceptions will be made in instances of inclusion within excerpts and reviews of this blog and its author’s work.

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3 Responses to A “Santa Claus Eye” in the Summer Sky

  1. Bill Kane says:

    I get the break from mother Cumulus, but do not see Santa. but best of all was the comment regarding blue sky therapists

  2. Simply beautiful George.

    All I see when I look up into those majestic
    cloud formations is erotic shapes. I have tried
    everything to cure me of this phenomenon, but
    of no avail
    Do you think I need professional help or just
    enjoy the view?

    • Chuck:

      You are FINE … In fact, I believe you are probably healthier than most of your peers … EROS holds many levels and values … What good are we aging folk without tending to that “spark”? … Also, at it’s deeper level, EROS is the archetypal energy of “connection” in the highest spiritual sense and the life force energy …

      Stay away from the therapist couch and keep your eyes pinned to the heavens — that is when you have spare time from dazzling the watercolor block with your bounteous offerings …


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