The Winter “Mothership” Has Landed in the Hudson Valley . . .

It’s been nearly four months since I posted to this online journal.  Not because there haven’t been heavenly visions to record, but due to an overwhelming focus on other photographic projects, timed to the unfolding of the Autumn season.

I do have an inventory of remarkable late-Summer and Autumn cloud formation photography that I shall process and post in the future to catch-up.  Meanwhile, Winter is rearing its head in the Hudson Valley of New York and threatening a first major snowstorm with high winds and sub-freezing temperatures.

This afternoon, as I readied the firewood pile and caught up on some much overdue Autumn leaf cleanup, I caught the glimpse of an amazing, fleeting cloud formation as the sun fell fast to that much-too-early deep dark hour of dusk – daylight shrinking in advance of the coming season.

Clearly, the Winter “Mothership” has landed in advance of the Solstice.



4:26 PM

A glorious concatenation of alto stratus lenticularis cloud forms.





4:28 PM

Two minutes later, the glow is gone.  And so is most of the color.

Another minute, and the Winter phantom had completely dissolved!
When it comes to cloud-spotting photography, one must act fast.





. . . . . . . . .

Images captured:   12.07.2010   |   Woodstock, NY

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One Response to The Winter “Mothership” Has Landed in the Hudson Valley . . .

  1. as always beautiful…………….BB

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